We are not ready to assess history performance

Visit EPI Viewpoints to read EPI research associate Richard Rothstein’s article on the challenges of assessing students’ history performance written for The Journal of American History and presented online in association with The History Cooperative.

Teacher qualityTeacher quality

Teacher quality is the single most important school-related factor influencing student success. In Teacher Quality: Understanding the Effects of Teacher Attributes, author Jennifer King Rice examines the body of research on the subject of teacher quality to draw conclusions about which attributes makes teachers most effective, with a focus on aspects of teacher quality that can be translated into policy recommendations and incorporated into teaching practice. The transcript of an August 20 conference call about the importance teacher quality is available here.

A conversation on school vouchers

Check out Viewpoints to read a transcript from an EPI-convened press conference with several of the nation’s top education researchers on the effectiveness of school vouchers and the quality of recent research on the topic.

Inequality at the starting gateInequality at the Starting Gate

EPI’s latest book, Inequality at the Starting Gate, which analyzes new national data on kindergartners, shows that the inequalities in children’s cognitive ability are substantial right from the starting gate. Disadvantaged children start kindergarten with significantly lower cognitive skills than their more advantaged counterparts, and these same disadvantaged children are often placed in low-resource schools, only exacerbating the problem. As a result, disadvantaged children fall behind at a very early age, before they ever enter a classroom. For an analysis of the differences in young children’s achievement scores by race, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status-as well as by social background, family type, and home activity-read the Executive Summary, introduction, or press release for Inequality at the Starting Gate online. A recording of the Sept. 30 press conference can be heard in EPI’s Audio Archive.