U.S. workers must have fair trade

Read EPI economist Robert Scott’s op-ed from the Delaware State News on why Congress shouldn’t grant the president fast track authority. Browse through the Viewpoints archive for other recent op-eds and essays by EPI economists.

EPI president testifies before Senate committee

In hearings before the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee, Jeff Faux, president of the Economic Policy Institute, urged the senators to consider a “strategic pause” in the expansion of free trade agreements between the U.S. and other countries. To learn more about Faux’s testimony, read the press release or download the written testimony and charts (PDF file).

Poverty Issue Guide

Check out EPI’s Issue Guide on Poverty Measurement and Basic Family Budgets, a downloadable online resource that includes data, charts, fact sheets, and links to other sources of information on this issue.

Measuring family hardships

Many families that have left welfare rolls to join the workforce experience hardships even when they are successful in finding work. This means that millions of working families that once relied on welfare still often find themselves without enough food, sufficient access to health or child care, or affordable, decent housing. For an in-depth analysis, read EPI’s latest Briefing Paper, When Work Just Isn’t Enough, which examines these issues in detail.

The talented Mr. Greenspan

Read EPI President Jeff Faux’s essay from the Spring 2001 Dissent Magazine on the Fed chairman’s political savvy and relationships with presidents past and present in Viewpoints.