The class size debateThe Class Size Debate

In the EPI Book, The Class Size Debate, two eminent economists debate the merits of smaller class size and the research methods used to gauge the efficacy of this education reform measure. Visit EPI’s Audio Archive to listen to a panel discussion by the authors, or read a press release online.

Putting school renovation on a fast track

As Congress debated ways to stimulate growth in the slumping economy, long-standing spending needs in education should have been seen as a perfect candidate for increased public investment. In 1995, the General Accounting Office conducted an audit of the state of local public school infrastructure and determined that the nation’s schools needed over $100 billion in repairs. To learn more about the specific deficiencies plaguing the school system and how increased federal spending can help address them, read EPI’s Issue Brief, Putting School Renovation on a Fast Track.

Market-based education reform

In the debate over reforming urban education, the issues surrounding market-based approaches-charter schools, vouchers, public school choice-are complex. The latest EPI book, Market-based Reforms in Urban Education, examines the extensive but disparate evidence to help determine whether these reforms promote the public interest and translate well into the provision of compulsory education.

Examining the evidence on school vouchers

Does a voucher threat make schools try harder? A recent Florida study said yes, but three analyses that replicate its methods show there’s no basis for that claim. Read the executive summary and introduction of the book, School Vouchers: Examining the evidence by Martin Carnoy.

Failing the test to improve schools

Read EPI economist Doug Harris’ op-ed from the April 28 Vancouver Columbian on President Bush’s school testing proposal.

The blame game

Are public schools holding back the nation’s economy? Find out what EPI research associate Richard Rothstein thinks in his article, The Blame Game, from the March 2001 edition of The School Administrator.